​​1. Can I edit/change information extracted from GEMS? 

  • ​You cannot edit/change any information extracted from GEMS. You can only fill in or change information in Education Background and Qualifications. If you found GEMS information is not complete or incorrect, then you have to immediately refer to your ministry/department’s administration to amend and update your information.


2. What if I already inform ministry/department’s administration, however my information is still incorrect and outdated?

  • You have to ensure that the administrators of your ministry/department to correct and update your profile in GEMS, else you won’t be shortlisted in any job vacancies that you applied and actually qualified, thus your application will be rejected. Public Service Commission (SPA) will not take responsibility on such cases.


3. Does the Civil Services whom previously filled in SPA1 form required to complete personal information before applying job via Online Recruitment System?

  • Yes, all Civil Services are required to complete their personal information (My Profile) in the system, except job-related data with Government (service records) will be extracted form information that has been updated by ministry/department in GEMS.


4. What will happen if the applicant does not have a complete and updated Service Records in GEMS?

  • Shortlisting process will be done online using Online Recruitment system. Therefore, the conditions of applicant eligibility is based on their profile information available in the system. If the applicant does not have updated Service Records in GEMS, then this may affect their eligibility in terms of academic qualifications or in terms of working experience and will not be shortlisted for the post. Therefore, applicant need to have updated Service Records in GEMS.


5. How to update Service Records in GEMS?

  • Service Records in GEMS system normally updated by Human Resources Division or Administration Division in every ministry/department. Therefore, applicant need to contact the appropriate division to make sure that their Service Record is always updated and information is complete and correct.


6. Are applications of the Civil Services must go through Head of Department as usual?

  • ​Yes. Applications for all Civil Services will go through Head of Department as usual but in the Online Recruitment System, applications will be forwarded online by appointed Point of Contact (POC) in each ministry/department.


7. If the designated POC is on holiday, will POC can be changed to other POC to enable the officers and employees to apply for positions through this system?

  • ​Yes, it is possible. The ministry/department must inform Public Service Commission earlier in order for the consent process application is not affected.