​​​​1. When is the right time to register e-Darussalam account?

  • ​Registration for e-Darussalam account can be made any time. E-Darussalam account is an access to provided e-Government services such as road-tax renewal, driving license renewal, purchasing electricity token and will be included later, the Online Recruitment.


​​2. Will I be provided with username and password automatically once I’m registered in e-Darussalam?

  • Username that is used is your Identity Card number, meanwhile the password will be sent through e-mail once you got e-Darussalam account verified in authorized e-Darussalam counters. You are required to change the given password to your preferable password for security purposes.


3. Can the registration of e-Darussalam account be done after the Online Recruitment portal is enabled?

  • Yes, can. However, applicants are advised to have e-Darussalam account before Online Recruitment portal is enable in order for applicants to use the portal straight away.


4. What should I bring during e-Darussalam account confirmation?

  • You are only required to bring and present your Identity Card to account activation operators in authorized counters.


​5. Besides the Public Service Commission (SPA) office, is there any other counters that can verify e-Darussalam account?

  • Yes, you can get your e-Darussalam account verified in designated counters as listed below:-
Brunei and Muara District:
  • Land Transport Department, Beribi
  • Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Jalan Menteri Besar
  • Department of Electrical Services, Kianggeh Road Bandar branch, Sengkurong branch and Muara branch
Belait District:
  • Department of Electrical Services, Belait branch, Pandan 1 Road, Kuala Belait
Tutong District:
  • Department of Electrical Services, Tutong branch, Bukit Bendera Road.
Temburong District:
  • Department of Electrical Services, Temburong branch, Mukim Batu Apoi.


6. What is the procedure to renew/change e-Darussalam account’s password?

  • Visit e-Darussalam website (, click “log in”, fill in e-Darussalam username and password which has been provided then click “change password”.


​7. How long does it take to get confirmation of e-Darussalam account after registering?

  • Period of confirmation is depending on when you got verification over the counter after registering.


8. Is there any limited period of time between registration and e-Darussalam account confirmation? 

  • There is no specific period of time between registration and e-Darussalam account confirmation. However, as long as the registered account is not verified, thus the account is not yet activated. This means that you cannot use it for any e-Darussalam services which requires e-Darussalam account such as applying job vacancy through Online Recruitment portal.

9. I already have an e-Darussalam account but has forgotten my username and password?

  • ​You do not have to create a new account. Your username of your account is actually your Identity Card number. You only have to call Darussalam Hotline 123 to get a new password and other assistance needed with respect to your e-Darussalam account.

10. Do the Civil Services need to open an e-Darussalam account too?

  • ​​Yes, if does not have an e-Darussalam account.


11. Does the Civil Services required to use Government email address to register with e-Darussalam?

  • No. Civil Services can use personal email address as long as the email used is activated.


12. What are the ways to know more about registration and activation of e-Darussalam account?