​​​1. ​​​​What is Online Recruitment System?

  • A system that was created to replace the existing system which is Public Service Information System (SIMPA) used by the Public Service Commission (PSC) since 1999. SIMPA is no longer able to meet the current needs of the growing and changing demands and technology according to time. Online Recruitment System has more functions than SIMPA, using a web based platform and enables access at any time anywhere online.
  • This system is used to produce advertising vacancies, receive and process applications to fill vacant positions online.​

2. ​​​​​When will the system be used? Is it accessible at this time??

  • The system can only be accessed and used after it is activated online at the end of February 2015.

3. ​​What can be done to in order to prepare BEFORE the system is activated? 

  • The applicant must have a personal email address.
  • Register to e-Darussalam portal in to get a username and password that will be used to register (sign-up) Online Recruitment to the portal.
  • Confirm your e-Darussalam account by bringing Identity Card to authorized verification/confirmation centers. List of locations for account confirmation can be found on
  • The procedure for registering and activating e-Darussalam account can be found by visiting or Facebook fan page "Pejabat Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam - Brunei".
  • Ensure that all documents such as Identity Card, Birth Certificate, Driving License, School Leaving Certificate, Curriculum Vitae with qualification certificates, transcripts, proficiency certifications and other related documents are scanned and stored in pdf file format for each certificate/qualification category. Providing pdf files easily accessible when registering and creating profile in Online Recruitment portal.
  • Ensure that each pdf file of not more than 2 megabytes (MB).
  • Staff of the Public Service must also ensure that personal data and information in the Service Record in GEMS system must be correct and updated as this information will be extracted from the GEMS automatically by Online Recruitment System. If the information is not correct and outdated, the possibility of application through Online Recruitment System will not be processed by the system

4. Will SPA1/SPA2 forms be used once the Online Recruitment System is enable?

  • No. All applications are made online and SPA1/SPA2 forms will no longer be used. 
  • SPA office will no longer receive manual applications.

5. I have already registered in SPA office and sent SPA1/SPA2 forms. Do I need to have e-Darussalam account to make an online application?

  • Each applicant must have an e-Darussalam account (username and password) and apply online though the applicant has sent manual forms previously.


6. Do I need to enter my personal information every time I want to apply job vacancy through the SPA Online Recruitment?

  • No. Personal information will only be completed once during the first application. However, you can update your personal information if there is a change, for example, if there are additional qualification is received after submitting the first application.


7. How should the applicant know the latest development on this portal?

  • The latest developments will be notified via Facebook fan page of the Public Service Commission, Brunei, and official website of SPA, and also through local mass media from time to time.​

8. Can Online Recruitment portal will be accessed using a mobile phone/smartphone?

  • At this early stage, the functions available in the portal can only be fully utilized by the computer (desktop or laptop).

9. Does the Civil Service is also required to make an application through the Online Recruitment portal?

  • Yes. All applications from officers and civil servants who are currently serving also made through this portal. Therefore, all Government officers and staff who wish to apply for positions advertised by the SPA is required to register and have an e-Darussalam account.


10. What if there are applicants from abroad who do not have the Brunei Darussalam Identity Card?

  • Non-Bruneian citizens can only apply for 7(a) overseas job advertisement using the form as existing processes at this time. Overseas application procedure will be notified in accordance with the requirements in the future.  


11. What is the difference in the recruitment process that is now compared with the process of using the online system?

​No need to have a personal e-mail address and be registered in e-Darussalam ​Must have a personal e-mail address to register and get an e-Darussalam account
​Physical form to be submitted to SPA Office ​Online application via Online Recruitment portal
​All personal information of the applicants in SPA1/SPA2 forms are inserted and updated by Data Control Unit, Public Service Commission (SPA) Office ​Applicants will input their personal information including qualifications and working experience by filling in candidate profile and updating information at any time in the portal
​Shortlisting process is made manually ​Shortlisting process will be done automatically
​Results/Status of application is notified via letter/telephone ​Application status can be tracked online on the user dashboard